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Training has been a large part of my life. I derive a great deal of pleasure when a new sailor's eyes light up as they suddenly realise that they actually are in control of a boat. Or when my students take a Coastguard exam and pass to become a new Captain. These are milestones for me and I can say with an element of pride that there are so many I cannot count them all. So for those of you who are ready to take the next step and take lessons I am able to offer several options.

I and my associates are certified/approved to teach several different disciplines and we do this through several different schools. We can also offer individual instruction on your own boat if that reflects your personal needs.

If you intention is to Charter a vessel periodically in one of the many charming or exotic locations throughout the world then I would highly recommend a class certified through either an ASA or a US Sailing approved school. Our staff teach at several reputable local schools in the area and we would be happy to help you choose the most appropriate.

Power boating is seen by many as being easy as driving a car, and consequently many people fail to get proper instruction. We are able to offer a range of classes that will satisfy the requirements for safely operating your vessel. These classes can include the basics of boat handling, maintenance, rules of the road, and navigation as well as many other personalized options. We also highly recommend for those who can schedule the time, classes held by Power Squadron or US Coastguard Auxillary.

Staff here also teach USCG approved courses at local licensing schools and for those who have enough experience and have any intention of a part or full time career on the water we can also assist with the choice of a school for this purpose.
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