Yacht Delivery and Management
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Vessel Management covers a whole multitude of services and tasks. We are able to undertake as large or small  proportion of the work as you need. Whether you need someone to do a simple repair or undertake a full refit we can handle it. All contractors that we utilize are licensed and insured for your protection. And of course, our reputation depends on it.

Day to day management is done through our home office and is computer tracked. Each vessel is set up with our computer program which schedules maintenance based on manufacturer's recommendations. We keep track of machinery and equipment, arranging routine service based on usage data from owner or captain. Then depending on your choices we will take care of the task ourselves or make arrangements for local contractors to take care of it. We will maintain inventory of all required parts and supplies to ensure that you are prepared for upcoming service or emergency repairs. Using our system you will get regular reports and suggestions for service, upgrades, fuel consumption etc.

If repairs are needed we will arrange with one of our experienced associates to determine the extent of work needed, book the yard time if needed, and supervise the contractor during the whole process. Some repairs will be undertaken by our own associates and other work is contracted to reputable professionals. All repair work will be estimated for your approval before work commences and monitored to ensure quality of work and no unnecessary cost overruns.

More or less follow the same pattern as repairs. However due to the scope of work we will be dealing with several professionals at the same time. We will determine a time-line for the project and create an orderly flow to the project ensuring that each contractor is able to work efficiently without duplicating effort or wasting resources. We have the expertise to know which projects can occur simultaneously and which must be prioritized or delayed. As always we will work to ensure that the project runs as cost effectively as possible.

We can provide crew from our own associates for delivery and relief purposes. These crew are highly qualified professionals who take pride in their work. See the delivery page for more information. We can also assist with finding regular Full or Part-time crew. There are many crewing agencies who can offer the same or similar service and we may occasionally recommend one of them based on experience.
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