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"The Captain Can Do It" is your one stop shop for deliveries and vessel management.
Whether your pride and joy is a 30' or 200' sailboat, a 35' launch or a 200' Motor Yacht you can find expertise right here.

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"The Captain Can Do It" is run by Captain Andrew, who has many, around 30, years in Maritime related business. He is often to be found in the classroom at the front or sometimes in the seat. He is admirably supported by a reliable and high quality group of professionals who have each proved themselves in their respective fields. Using this whole group of dedicated professionals the captain has already done what many of you will attempt to do. He has weeded out the lower quality that often afflicts the industry. Our network includes craftsmen and services for most of the East Coast of the United States and a few more beyond. Whether you need your boat moved a few miles or across an ocean we can do it. If you are in need of a refit and don't have the time, we can do it. If you are in need of training or making the move to a professional license, we can do it. In short, drop me a message and I will review your needs and guide you to the next stage. I don't charge for replies so please ASK. If I have a more cost effective solution for you then I will say so. After all I am based out of Florida and it may not be cost effective to bring myself and my crew for a small job. But ask  me anyway, I might just be in the area. I will work to share expenses and consolidate time if, and only if it will benefit all parties involved. No matter what your needs, just ask through the Contact page.
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